Med Term_Prefix Cards 26-50

Term Definition
gyn-, gyno- woman, female
hemi- half, partial
hetero- different, other
hyper- excessive, above, beyond
hypo-, hyp- under, beneath, deficient
im-, in- in, into, within, not
infra- below, beneath
inter- between, among
intra-, intro- within, into, inside
mal- bad, abnormal
mega-, megalo- large, big
mes-, meso- middle
meta- change
micr-, micro- small
mult-, multi- many
neo- new, recent
pan- all, entire
para- beside, beyond, after
per- through, excessive
peri- around, surrounding
poly- many, much, excessive
post- after, beyond
pre-, pro- before, in front of
pseudo-, pseud- false
pyo- pus

med term_ prefix cards 1-25

Term Definition
a, an without, lacking, deficient, not
ab away from
ad, af toward, near
ana up, toward, apart
andro man
ante before, in front of, foward
anti, ant against, opposing, preventing
brachy short
brady slow
cata down, under, lower, against
circum around
co, com, con with, together
contra against, opposed
de down, from
dia through, between,apart, across
dis, apart, free from
dorso to the back
dys difficult, bad, painful and abnormal
e, ec, ef, ex out of, from, away from
ect, ecto, exo outside of
em, en, eso in, into, within
end, endo, ent, ento withing, inside
ep, epi upon, on, over
eu normal, good, healthy, easy
extra, extro outside of, beyond, outward

med term_prefix cards 1-25

Term Definition
a-,an- without,lacking,deficient,not
ab- away from
ad-,af- toward,near
ana- up,toward,apart
andro- man
ante- before,in front of,foward
anti-,ant- against,opposing,preventing
brachy- short
brady- slow
cata- down,under,lower,against
circum- around
co-,com-,con- with together
contra- against,opposed
de- down,from
dia- through,apart,across,between
dis- apart,free from
dorso- to the back
dys- difficult,bad,painful and abnormal
e-,ec-,ef-,ex- out of,from,away from
ect-,ecto-,exo- outside of
em-,en-,eso- in,into,within
end-,endo-,ent-,ento- withing,inside
ep-,epi- upon,on,over
eu- normal,good,healthy,easy
extra-,extro- outside of,beyond,outward

Med Term_Prefix Cards 51-70

Term Definition
pyro- fire, fever
re-, retro- backward, behind, again
semi- half
steno- narrow
sub- under, below, beneath, less
super-, supra- above, excess, superior
sym-, syn- together, with
tachy- fast
therm- heat
trans- across, through, beyond
ultra- beyond, excess
chloro- green
cyan- blue
erythro- red
leuko- white
melano- black
polio- gray
bi-, di-, diple- two, double, twice
tri- three
quadri-, tetra- four


Term Definition
-ac,-ic,-al,ar-,ial,-ary,-ous,-tic,-eal pertaining to,to related to located in
-agra excessive pain
-algia pain and suffering


Term Definition
a-, an- without, lacking, deficient, not
ab- away from
ad-, af_ toward near
ana- up, toward, apart
andro- man
ante- before,infront of , forward
anti- ant- against, opposing, preventing
brachy- short
brady- slow
cata- down,under,lower,against
circum- around
co-, com-,con- with, together
contra- against
de- down,from
dia- through,between,apart,across
dis Apart, free from
Dorso- To the back
Dys- Difficult, bad, painful and abnormal
e-, ec-,ef-, ex- Out of, from, away from
Ect-, ecto, eco- Outside of
Em-, en-, eso- In, into, within
End-, Endo-, Ent-, ento-, Within, inside
Ep-,epi Upon, on, over
Eu- Normal, good, healthy, easy
Extra-, extro- Outside of, beyond, outward

Solar System unit

Term Definition
Star A large hot ball of glowing gases.
tilt To move or cause into a sloping position.
orbit The path of an object in space as it travels around another object.
moon The natural satellite of the earth visible by reflected light from the sun.
telescope an optical instrument designed to make distant objects seem nearer

the designprocess

Term Definition
technology knowledge processes and products that make life easier
microchip is a small piece of a computer that contains microscopic or tiny circuits
prosthetic limb is an artificial arm,leg,hand,or foot that replaces the normal body part


Term Definition
sodium Na
potassium K
iron Fe
lead Pb
copper Cu
gold Au
silver Ag
Mercury Hg
Tin Sn
tungsten W
Cesium Cs
radon Rn
plutonium Pu
platanium Pt
titanium Ti
chlorine Cl
magnesium Mg
Zinc Zn
Arsenic As
Magnese Mn

Section 1

Question Answer
anything that has mass and takes up space matter
a measure of the size of a body or region in three-dimensional space volume
the curve at a liquid's surface by which one measures the volume of the liquid meniscus
a measure of the amount of matter in an object mass
a measure of the gravitational force exerted on an object weight
The tendency of an object to resist being moved or, if the object is moving, to resist a change in speed or direction until an outside force acts on the object inertia
a characteristic of a substance that does not involve a chemical change, such as density, color, or hardness physical property
the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance density
a change of matter from one form to another without a change in chemical properties physical change
a property of matter that describes a substance's ability to participate in chemical reactions chemical property
a change that occurs when one or more substances change into entirely new substances with different properties chemical change
the physical form in which a substance exists state
the ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance solubility
the ability of a substance to be pulled into a wire ductility
the ability of a substance to be rolled or pounded into thin sheets malleability