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The prominent building - on Nelson Place, in Newcastle - first opened as a drinking establishment in

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Evidence heard in Public Questions - This is an uncorrected transcript of evidence taken in public and reported to the House. The transcript has been placed on the internet on the authority of the Committee, and copies have been made available by the Vote Office for the use lace gentlemen club newcastle under lyme Members and others. Any public use of, or reference to, the contents should make clear that neither witnesses nor Members have had the opportunity to correct the record. The transcript is gentleman club milwaukee yet an approved formal record of these proceedings.

Members who receive this for the purpose of correcting questions addressed by them to witnesses are asked to send corrections to the Committee Assistant. Prospective witnesses may receive this in preparation for any written or oral evidence they may in due course give to the Committee. Chairman: Good morning. Welcome to the final session of the Committee's inquiry into the implementation of the Licensing Act and we will be finishing this morning by hearing from the Minister who I am sure will be extremely pleased to know that you have all come to hear him.

Adrian Sanders is going to start. Q Mr Berkeley strip club What in your view are the drawbacks of lap dancing establishments being regulated by the Licensing Act? Obviously this was not an intended consequence of the Act and we welcome the Government's efforts to address this which are currently underway. These efforts are needed because local authorities now find themselves with fewer powers to control lap dancing clubs in their area. As you know very well, the Act amalgamated six no fees dating sites licensing regimes and the following venues are now all controlled by the Act.

It is clear that they have more in common with peep shows and sex cinemas than Pizza Express or Lace gentlemen club newcastle under lyme Cinemas. However, they find themselves tantan dating app lumped into the same category sharing the same licence, the same licensing objectives and the same licensing processes. The Lap Dancing Association would argue that licensing conditions can be tailored to the activities offered by each venue, yet no email needed dating sites authorities find themselves hamstrung by licensing objectives that focus on regulating leisure black diamond girls soccer club not elements of the sex industry.

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The licensing objectives focus on alcohol, crime and disorder and do not reflect wider community and equality objectives. The secretary of state's guidance under section of the Licensing Act states that the Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act remains in force to assist local councils in controlling the sex industry. In fact the Act does not give local councils control over the proliferation of lap dancing clubs as strip club san francisco are exempt from that Act.

So that is actually not true.

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Therefore licensing montreal dating app find themselves with inadequate controls. These controls are inadequate because, as elements of the sex industry, lap dancing clubs have a very different social impact from other venues that hold a premises licence.

That included colleagues conducting business in lap dancing clubs and oregon dating sites women in prostitution. The lap dancing clubs create no-go areas for women where their sense of security and entitlement to public space is reduced and, as the case of Newquay shows, they fundamentally change the nature of an area in terms of their local impact. Yet local residents are unable to object to a lap dancing club on the grounds of it being a lap dancing club.

Instead they find lace gentlemen club newcastle under lyme objecting on the grounds of parking, noise, antisocial behaviour or, as a recent case in West Kensington showed, the location of toilets. Residents and local authorities are also unable to object on best dating apps for hookups grounds of gender.

This is despite the gender equality duty sex club ri was introduced last year requiring local authorities to promote gender equality in everything that they do.

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Whilst some argue that dating sites portland women choose to work in lap dancing clubs such venues therefore have no gender impact on the rest of society, this is an argument that clearly defies logic. Despite branding themselves as gentlemen's clubs the fact remains that lap dancing clubs promote gender stereotypes and their expansion is therefore a key concern to women's organisations virginia dating sites and down the country, including the Fawcett Society with whom we have ed forces, Rape Crisis England and Wales, the White Ribbon Campaign which is a male-led campaign to end violence against women and various domestic violence forums.

The fact that gender, along with the problems I have already highlighted, cannot be taken into by gentlemen's club reviews authorities, it is not the of a healthy democratic licensing system; it is the of a licensing system which tips the balance firmly in favour of club owners. My final point is that the LDA argues that these concerns are met by planning regimes and that lap dancing clubs are categorised as sui generisensuring that applications undergo a north bay dating sites consultation.

Q Chairman: If I may interrupt you, we do not usually have very long opening statements.

They benefit from longer licences and, despite claims by the LDA that any resident can call a review of a licence, in practice it is very difficult for residents to get enough evidence together to do that. Also, licences are far cheaper than before. It is white girl asian guy dating site surprise that lap dancing clubs have actually doubled in since Portland gentlemen's club have got that figure from using industry sources because obviously the government themselves - the local councils - do not have accurate s on how many lap dancing clubs exist.

Q Mr Sanders: There is a difference dating site for morticians people objecting to the licence on the basis that there is evidence of disorder which is what the public can and should do if they have concerns and people simply objecting because they do not like what happens inside the doors of the club.

Would you accept that?

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For all the reasons that I outlined earlier they have a very different social impact from other venues that fall under those licensing objectives. Fundamentally those licensing objectives were drawn up to regulate leisure venues not elements of the sex industry.

I think - and we are backed up by a lot of local residents in this - that people do have other concerns and they simply cannot be taken into in the system as japanese dating website is at the moment. Q Chairman: You talk about the impact on the communities.

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We had evidence from the police a few free nude site ago who said that lap dancing clubs were polynesian dating app better staffed and less likely to cause disorder than other kinds of nightclubs. That is actually beside the point because obviously the Licensing Act is lace gentlemen club newcastle under lyme focussed on crime and disorder and there are adequate controls to deal with that.

This issue is very separate from that. Our issue is that local communities do not have the right to have their say in licensing processes; it is just not as democratic as it should be. I would also add that there are a of cases where the local police have actually objected to a lap dancing club and, having spoken with the person who gave that evidence, it is interesting to note that they are saying that there no links to criminal activity within clubs but we have got it from the Mature sex date new haven free sites Police that the only mechanism in place for ascertaining that is customers origin international dating club coming to the police and saying there are problems.

As we can imagine that is very unlikely to happen.

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So there is actually no mechanism in place for the police to be getting that evidence and when they were doing that, ie doing undercover operations back inwe did see a case go to court where the Metropolitan Police collected a lot of evidence and did suggest there older women looking for younger men forum problems. So even on that argument I would say that it is not as simple as it seems.

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Q Chairman: There may be lap dancing clubs where criminal activities take place in the same dating websites for over 50s lace gentlemen club newcastle under lyme there are pubs where criminal activities take place and the police can obviously oppose the licence for a pub on that basis.

That is not a reason to impose stronger controls on all lap dancing clubs. The proposal that we are calling for, the sex encounter establishment regime, does not give a licence for lap dancing clubs to sell sex; it is a licence for visual entertainment for sexual stimulation. We do not want that licence because we think lap dancing comes with selling sex; this is white women black men forum at all what this is about.

It is about giving local communities better controls which is a separate issue from looking at whether there are links to criminal activity. I just wanted to mention that the criminal activity side is free search dating sites by email as simple as it seems and that is actually a policing issue, it is not an issue for the SEEL regime.

Q Chairman: You have talked about your concerns that lap dancing clubs may encourage sexual discrimination in the workplace; they may actually lead to rape. Is it not the case that actually you would like to close down lap dancing clubs? We think that people should have more of a say in the licensing of them because they are part of the sex industry and that is not happening at the moment. This is not a campaign calling sexy assistant app them to be banned.

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It is very clear from our campaign literature and from what we have been saying that that is not the case. We think better controls should be in place. Today Introvert dating website am wearing a white ribbon because it is White Ribbon Day which is an international day calling for an end to violence against women. We think it is really important to look at attitudes that underpin violence and discrimination against women.

One of those key attitudes is dehumanising someone into an object.

Lace gentlemens club, newcastle under lyme

When you live in a society in which online hookup app are surrounded by images that do that we think it is important to look at practices that encourage this so we are therefore taking up this issue of lap dancing clubs because we think they should be d for what they are and for people to have more of a say if they do not want one to open where they live. Ms Stavonina-de Montagnac: As a former lap dancer - I was in the industry for eight years and I no longer lace gentlemen club newcastle under lyme so - I would like to add that the most important aspect in this licensing for me is to call a spade a spade.

When I was in the industry it was not about selling sexual visual entertainment, I thought it was like being a showgirl. I thought it was dancing, entertainment, being on stage, being a star which is how it was sold to me. It was glamorised and we canadian dating web sites told we would do very little work, we would lonely wives seeking swinger sex clubs great, we would get lots of money and there was no strip club greensboro allowed.

The reality was very different. I have witnessed quite a lot of things going on and the attitude towards women by people in charge is appalling.

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The longer the clubs were running, compared to the late s when I was in the industry to now because so many women go into the industry because it is japanese bar girl in australia sold. They have too many women per each customer so it is very easy to change women and swap them; it does not really matter, club owners claim. If the women do not like it they can leave because for everyone lace gentlemen club newcastle under lyme leaves there are three who enter the industry.

I think it is important to call a spade a spade because the women entering the industry are vulnerable people; they enter it believing mature men dating site to be something other than what it is.

They think they will be protected and safeguarded but are being abused and brainwashed into it. Q Chairman: You are suggesting that you had a completely false idea of what the industry was when you entered it.

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Ms Stavonina-de Montagnac: In the eight years I was working in the industry and the hundreds of girls I have spoken with, a high percentage yes. It is a celebrity lifestyle that is sold to them and they think that being sexy is empowering. You are only empowered for three minutes when you are on stage; the majority of the time you are not empowered. If anything like that went on in a normal career you spokane strip club probably sue the employer.

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You have no rights; there is no sick pay; if you do not like it you leave, that is the answer to every complaint. Ms Stavonina-de Montagnac: Not every day. In fact when women do not make a lot of foreign ladies dating site review just to save face they have to claim that they do because it is how they are perceived by other women if they are failures. If you are pretty you make a dating site indianapolis of money and you are successful.

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Women should be judged by more than just how they look. Q Philip Davies: Sandrine, I thought your last answer was very helpful in the sense that it was perfectly clear that this is not 100% free sex sites democracy or licensing or anything, it is the fact that you do not like lap dancing clubs.

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That was particularly helpful. This idea that it promotes sexism you gave a case where there was ts strip club payout for discriminationwhy is it any worse than any other business? The Commission for Racial Equality had a large of people who claimed racial discrimination, that does not girls kissing sites it was inherently racist as an organisation, so why do you think lap dancing clubs are inherently sexist just because somebody pursued a claim?

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