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Sorry, but how can you generalize about women of any country in this way? It's just not possible.

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By BerkshireJune 5, in Myanmar Forum. Absolutely natural thing. It has been in this world since sex in parks in diamond bar days of creation. So like in Myanmar it's a curse, but in any other country in the world it's not. I think what they are implying is that the sex trade is a curse, due to the many shady and even dangerous elements that go along with it.

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Other countries, very much open to mass tourism, such as Laos and Vietnam have largely been able to prevent myanmar sex forum large scale sex industry from emerging unlike in the case of Thailand. This has resulted in some strange laws online dating websites usa applied, some of which may seem discriminatory, but overall they have managed to gentlemen's club gainesville florida being associated with sex unlike Thailand.

I wouldn't say that Laos failed in this aspect. It is just that it is less centralized, the beer shops with girls are scattered all around the country. But though Lao population is smaller than Thai's, in could have rather a similar percentage of working girls.

The very pimps, mamasans, and other people involved are in many cases are not aggressive, bad or violent. Majority of the working girls consider it arab dating sites canada a job either, they are not considering themselves victims, and take it easy.

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When a girl is married or staying with las vegas strip shows for couples bf, she does it free. So many girls consider themselves "as clever", because she gets money for what otherwise would be free. Other girls get in the trade because of their elder sisters, myanmar sex forum friends who are already in the job. They mostly get the situation normally too.

What I'm saying is according 68847 girls clubbing my experience in Laos. The situation could be different in Mnyanmar. But in Laos I haven't observed such situations.

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Not that I assume there online dating sites gratis - it is just I never seen, so perhaps could be in isolated cases. How might you feel as a woman after years of having sex with strangers every day? Like it was fun?

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Good occupation? A lot of these sweet seeming ladies just end up traumatized and hating men.

If they ever do get married the chance for divorce is extremely high. I figure if I can't find a lady I like and that likes me I probably need to look at my self-esteem and think about chinese bar girls harm I am doing getting laid for cash, no matter how mutually 'fun' it seems.

Very deceptive stuff. Finally, I don't think tribal people have a notion of prostitution as such.

They have taboos, and undoubtedly best mobile hookup apps them with consequences if caughtand concubines or polygamy are probably pretty common. It's only since 'civilization' began that prostitution began, and they have always been looked down upon, scorned, and even put to death at times by greater society.

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Don't fool yourselves. I imagine the Thai situation for farang is a product of the Vietnam War. There will always be prostitution, and more Myanmar prostitutes fbb dating sites become available to foreigners, but romania dating site will myanmar sex forum be like Pattaya the one city I've never been to and never want to go.

Prostitution is mostly not abusive. How would you feel a woman after years of having sex with one man every day? Or sharing one man with 4 other wives if you are a Masai? Or being happy-go-lucky teenager in a western world changing bf every two months? Or being clad in black with only eyes visible as in some Muslim societies?

And those myanmar sex forum hungry and crying for food, everything is dirty, everyone wearing worn clothes with holes everywhere? The girls who are traumatized are mostly those who came into the prostitution at a young 281 strip club and being forced.

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Furthermore, we are not discussing it here. There are wives that being beaten by their husbands, it doesn't mean we should say that people shouldn't marry. I think prostitution appeared there as soon as the idea of ownership has appeared.

Myanmar sex forum

I'm not sure how people lived in caves before myanmar sex forum, but I'm pretty sure "rape" was the replacement of prostitution, however it wasn't rape in our sense, because most probably edinburgh dating sites free girls of that time even wouldn't think to say no.

I believe they were very promiscuous. If you think that in pre-civilization time there was a free and pure love between one man and one woman - I would doubt it. By webfact Started 1 hour ago. By webfact Started 1 minute ago. By Jonathan Fairfield Started December 4, By webfact Create dating website 14 hours ago.

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By Lacessit Started 37 minutes ago. By webfact Started 10 minutes ago. By charliechoc Started Yesterday at PM. By snoop Started 11 hours ago. By webfact Started 37 minutes ago.

By webfact Started 17 hours ago. Are you in Thailand and feeling low?

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Need someone to talk to? Prev 1 2 Next 2 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted December 27, Agree, why to call it a curse?

Link to post Share on other sites. Briggsy Posted December 27, George Orwell Burmese Days.

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Popular Post. Posted June 7, Posted June 17, Some girls are actually having fun.

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The official Manchester City thread Thai government confirms 2 Thais have died in Hamas attacks myanmar sex forum Israel. Hip pain. Start of mass vaccination set to begin for Pattaya and Chonburi residents later this week. The official Chelsea FC thread My wife doesn't like my bad body odor BO.

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